Sunday, August 5, 2012

Wikis Creating Wider Collaboration

One successful example of technology integration in my classroom has been the use of blogs as a discussion tool for both traditional commenting and logging of free read books for student research. Having experienced the positives of expanding discussion beyond partners, small groups, and the classroom, this upcoming school year I’m excited to expand collaboration in the same manner with wikis.
            Blogs are great because students have a much wider audience to share opinions, ask questions, and offer critique. Discussion is an important aspect throughout the learning process, but discussion is meant to be a step toward creating a final product. To this point in my classroom, discussion has been wide, but the collaboration on final product has not. Students have been confined to using those wide reaching blog discussions to create an individual product. Wikis provide a great tool to bring width the product as well. I hope for students to collaborate on research, joint essays, and online anthologies, to name a few, in small groups, as a class, across all my sections, and possibly with other schools. 

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