Wednesday, August 8, 2012

An Allegory for Technology and Schools: Stuck on an Escalator

I see the escalator video as an allegory for the relationship between education and technology. The individuals’ actions in the video are a ridiculous reaction to a necessary problem. The man and woman are equipped with the proper tools for success; yet, they are unaware of how to meaningfully use these tools to reach an end they can visualize. They want to get off the escalator, the goal is set. They have working legs that will carry them to the goal. They don’t understand the in between. 

So goes the integration of technology into education. Many privileged schools are afforded modern technology. They understand the goal to be arming students with 21st century skills which are rooted in proficient use of technology. They have the tools to reach this goal, evidenced by the exponential growth of available internet capable devices in computer labs and students’ pockets. Unfortunately, too many schools are unaware of how to properly use technology to reach the goal of a 21st century skill set. Too many of us rely on doing the same, out-dated lessons but now online. Technology needs to fundamentally change the learning experience by expanding learning beyond the classroom. Kids catch on quickly that they are doing the same stale learning in a jazzed-up format. The glitz erodes quickly after.

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