Saturday, November 10, 2012

Edmodo Critique

I see Edmodo as a positive tool for teachers in districts without interactive websites. Many of the components like quizzes, document posting, and discussions are qualities built into many school website providers. In the past few years, my district has moved from School Fusion to Sharp School as web provider. Both provide blogging, document posting, quizzes, and calendars among other asynchronous tools. If I taught in a district absent these perks, Edmodo would be my first choice for an online classroom. 

The communities aspects is a welcome addition though. School web providers keep everything within the district, and, even then, sharing between colleagues is relegated to the individual perusing other teachers’ sites. Edmodo’s communities provide substantial amounts of curriculum supplements, questions/answers, and websites/blog posts. Further, because the communities are specialized, a narrowed search for relevant topics is made simpler. It is similar to Twitter in the way of content and global reach, but more specification of posts within the community allows for greater quality of focused sharing. 

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