Sunday, October 7, 2012

Technology/Media Discussion Thoughts

On the reluctance of some teachers to reeducate themselves in the name of technology integration...

Regarding the generational discussion, perhaps it's worth taking a look at what media innovations were taking place in the past as means for assessing the possibilities of today's innovations. Now, as a younger teacher, I cannot speak from experience. However, I bet the use of a slideshow (with actual slides) back in the 1950s and 60s revolutionized the way students could experience curriculum. 

A slideshow by today's standards is basic media technology: hit the button, new slide appears. Yet, I infer that the teachers who first used this media in their classrooms had to reorganize their lesson structure and pedagogical beliefs. Teachers need to do the same today. Unfortunately for "change," the media and technology available today takes much more training than hitting a button.

On the notion that integrating technology based media creates a learning environment familiar to students...

You mention using technology based media as a tool for setting a familiar stage within which students can learn. Our current and future students are products of the digital age and therefore are more comfortable swiping the page than turning. 

Within online learning and the use of technology based media on the rise, their integration into education in early years becomes pivotal. Students exposed to these tools in middle or even elementary school will be at an advantage when they reach high school and certainly college where these platforms are commonplace. Upon entering post-secondary education and/or eventually the workforce, a student who has basic tech and media skills from owning an iPad is developmentally behind in 21st century learning contrasted to the student who has been trained with online or blended learning. 

Not only is technology based media integration a way to make many students feel comfortable, multimedia/online platforms in school can take them to a higher level of competency.

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