Monday, July 16, 2012

Tech Access Fears

My school district has us middle school Language Arts teachers moving to a block style, workshop model classroom this fall. I see this as an advantageous design to implement a lot of the technology concepts I'm psyched about from my EdTech courses.

However, one predicted hiccup has persisted in my mind as of late: tech access. Wikis, blogging, video/text synthesis, etc. are some major academic draws that can strengthen engagement and supplement the intended effects of the curriculum. Yet, I fear becoming the computer hog teacher. Even at a school with well above average tech quantity, I foresee battles for computer carts and lab space.

As exciting the prospect of utilizing student owned tech, I don't see the quantity there either. Particularly when one considers the reluctance of other teachers to allow devices in class. Many kids will leave them in their lockers or simply at home. Plus, they don't have the same impact as a laptop or tablet regardless.

Throw in the fact I'm facing a required PBL assignment to create evidence of professional development, and the tech access becomes that much more vital to my classroom.

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